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Another Sleepless Night - Part 1

February 11, 2019

It’s a scary leap of faith when we decide we want to work for ourselves. We realize everything rests on our shoulders. Our income, retirement and family’s well-being all controlled by how quickly we succeed. Few of us are lucky enough to have someone there to help, but for many of us we take this plunge into the unknown, single-handedly creating many “Sleepless Nights.”

Thrown into the fire to build my own empire and create my own destiny; like so many of you I took this leap in 2015 when I started an automotive business. Knowing very little about start-ups, I began my business career learning through trial and error. Catering to customers every demand and pulling all-nighters just to become successful. Countless sleepless nights and working every weekend to one day realize that by doing this I was actually “Devaluing My Business!!!”

It was from this realization that I decided to make a change and knew it was my responsibility to help prevent so many from following in my footsteps.

I invite you to join me every Sunday morning for the next 8 weeks; as I share my experience answering many of the questions that business owners stay up all night trying to answer.

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