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Create Your Best Retirement Plan Income Strategy

Your Best Retirement, Plan For It.

Enjoy time doing what you love. Reap the benefits of years of hard work. Feel confident and secure. Care for your tomorrow self, today.

Care for your tomorrow self, today. Create your Retirement Plan with Edelman Wealth Management, fiduciary Advisors who work only in your best interest. We'll design a dynamic strategy based on our years of experience and your unique situation to help keep you moving toward Your Best Retirement

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Retiring with Tax-Free Income

You may have a 401(k) company-sponsored plan or an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), but did you know there are some additional great strategies to create tax-free and guaranteed income in retirement? 

Roth IRAs, Super Roths, and Life Income Plans are all designed to maximize your tax-free income in retirement. 

Having the right combination and asset placement could make all the difference. That’s where we come in.

Distributions & Decumulation

How will you get the income you need without running out of money? How do distributions work?

The Distribution and Decumulation Phase is even more important than saving for retirement and warrants special attention and planning. How will you spend your savings and generate income for the rest of your life, maybe 30+ years while in retirement? Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle?

This is where you need a financial advisor to guide you in order to have Your Best Retirement. Our Financial Advisors can create a lasting strategy for your retirement earnings and distributions.  

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How to Retire in 5 Years

Now is the time for a retirement needs analysis. We will help you:

  • Estimate how much you plan to spend each year.
  • Compare your expenses to how much retirement income you can expect to receive in addition to social security. (The full retirement age for individuals who reach age 62 by 2023 will be 67, according to the Social Security Administration.)
  • Estimate your life expectancy and help you insure your assets last against illnesses
  • If your expenses are too high or your income is too low, our goal will be to help you adjust your retirement schedule so that you can retire comfortably.

Are You on Target for Retirement?

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<span>Download Our Retirement Dreamcasting Workbook</span>

Download Our Retirement Dreamcasting Workbook

Care for your tomorrow self, today. 

Download our Dreamcasting Workbook to help prepare for Your Best Retirement! Capture your aspirations alongside your budget to get on track for your future. 

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Are You A 401(k) Plan Administrator?

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