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Succession Planning With Edelman

Are you looking to sell your advisory firm or want to put a succession plan in place for the near future?

The Edelman Advantage

Respecting Your Legacy 

Your reputation and legacy are important. We know that how we interact and advise your clients is essential to your trust in us. We will work with you to make sure that we are bringing the highest level of service and support to your clients. 

Taking Care of Your Team

We know that it’s not just about your clients. The people working in your company are just as important to you. Our mission is to always grow our Edelman family by welcoming your employees. We are always looking to hire strong, well-rounded advisors and operational support.

Smoothing Out the Transition

Our team is experienced in communicating with clients and handling the transition process. We recognize that while clients want to understand the process, what they really need is to feel secure and comfortable with their advisor. 

Income Protection and Maximization

Protect and maximize your income by partnering with a growth focused firm. Have access to advanced planning resources and operational assistance to support your clients. 

Let's Talk About Putting a Succession Plan in Place.

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