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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

September 19, 2017

Happy September from Edelman Wealth Management Group! 

Students are heading back to college, are you prepared for when it's your child's turn? There are tax-free ways of increasing your savings potential on a 529 plan. Learn more here, and speak to us about this opportunity.  It could save you thousands of dollars.

If you missed our #WhatsYourDestination Q&A series, catch up below.  We've got advice on everything from risk management to insurance options. Then, keep scrolling for some industry-relevant news, custom curated just for our clients and colleagues.

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The Laws of Economics

Healthcare reform is a hot topic nowadays, and from an economic standpoint, there's a very clear reason why. A quick review of micro and macro economics can help you better understand.

Read the full article here.

China's Downgrade By Moody's Reveals the Flaw in its Rating Model

As it turns out, Moody's system might not be the best indicator of a country's stability.  Ann Rutledge, a Forbes contributor, explains why she believes China's recent downgrade to be overly severe.

Read the article here.

Good Reasons to Dismiss Market Fears, For Now

"Short-term shocks -- even nuclear threats -- don't worry investors."  Risk assets are recovering, even after public sentiment faltered. There are quite a few factors that make this the case.

Read the full article from Bloomberg here to learn what they are.


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