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What do you like best about Thanksgiving?

As we settle into this holiday season of peace and reflection, we would like to say THANK YOU to our clients and business partners. We are so grateful for our relationships with you. We wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

What do you like best about Thanksgiving? Here are some answers from our team.

From Stacy: “I love Thanksgiving when my family is all together. I love the food and the holiday spirit. This year is extra special as we welcome my son's fiancée into the family.” 

From Melanie: “I love Thanksgiving as we host it at our home each year. This year is extra special as we have a new little turkey at our table. Massimo John is only 3 months old. He might not enjoy the dinner, but he will definitely enjoy the company.”

From Glenn: “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's centered on spending time with family and friends.”

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From Cindy: “Everyone’s lives are so busy, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to visit with family, catch up, enjoy a wonderful meal & make memories (last year’s bursting water pipe in my sister’s kitchen, doing dishes in the garage!!) It is also a time for us to reflect on everything we have to be thankful for (and of course we are always thankful for leftovers)!”

From Scott: “Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy the best homemade food and a day full of football. It’s a day where our family comes together to celebrate all that we are thankful for and our excitement for the year to come.” 

From Lisa: “I love having my kids home and watching movies together over the holidays. It’s a wonderful reminder of how things were when they were little.” 

May your holiday table be filled with joy and laughter.